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A suit to suit you

At Peach Thai Tailor, we can make whatever suit you want from the finest fabrics you'll find in any Phuket tailor shop. We make jackets, trousers, shorts, overcoats, shirts - basically all menswear. Each item is made-to-measure and will fit you perfectly.

You can come with a very specific idea in mind and we will create it for you; you can browse the shop and style books to find something you like; or we can recommend a style that we think would suit you. To give you an idea of our workmanship and perhaps to inspire you, take a look at our most popular product:


Smart Business Suit

Traditional fit
Relaxed and easy to wear, with wide chest, deeper armholes and soft shoulders
Two-button, single-breasted front
Remember - cool guys only fasten the top button
Three inside pockets
Plus three on the outside, all fully functional
Notch lapel
With a button hole for a rose
Slim-fit dress trousers
With soft lining for extra comfort
Three trouser pockets
All with tough, high-quality lining
Tailored-fit shirt
With English spread collar and custom buttons
Perfect fit
Everything is made to precise measurements to ensure absolute comfort and immaculate style
High-quality materials
Every item is made with exclusive European fabrics, available only at Peach Thai Tailor
Fairly priced
While prices vary according to the fabric and degree of customisation, the average price for a Smart Business Suit from Peach Thai Tailor is:
12,800 baht
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